Authenticity is the key

to mastering sales

Foundation+ Study Program

begins Wednesday 12th June 2024

Why do most people never

fulfill their sales potential?

***9/10 people who try to sell have little or no sales success***


Because regardless of how authentic you are or how hard you try,

if you are living to the old paradigm of sales,

you are set up for failure.

If your experience of sales is that, despite your best intentions…

You dread the idea of selling

You do not enjoy sales conversations

You struggle to make any sales

You struggle for consistency

…then you’re destined for a painful journey to failure.

Without first dissolving all limiting beliefs around sales, all old paradigm sales training

will simply teach you how to be unhappy and unsuccessful in a different way.

In Flow Sales is a new paradigm of sales training.

If you are ready to enjoy sales and experience the sort of success you desire, you are in the right place.

Since applying this to my life 7 years ago, everything has changed.

I became more effective, more successful and realised that sales can be the most rewarding activity;

when we have the secret formula.

If you wonder if a similar shift is possible for you, I have some wonderful news;

we have something for you.

Introducing the new paradigm of sales...

Study at your own pace...


- 6 modules, each including video lessons

- Over €1,000 worth of bonus content

- Accompanying downloadable study guide for each lesson

- Graduation exam & certification

Foundation+ Study Program

begins Wednesday 12th June 2024

What will you discover?

What sales is, REALLY!

How you can ENJOY becoming a sales master

How sales is a master SKILL in life

How to be successful and


How to make deep connections EFFORTLESSLY

How to have joyous sales


What is the process?

Judgement, Resistance & Attachment

Before we begin exploring sales it is essential that we first explore some fundamental tripwires.

These are common things we all experience which not only hold us back in sales, but in life in general.

What is Sales?

This may seem like a simple question.

Clarity is power. When you look at your clarity about the essence of sales, and are willing to address it, a door to the possibility of success and enjoyment in sales opens.

Common Confusion & Limitations

I have discovered that there are common limitations and points of confusion when it comes to sales.

These each have the potential to stop your success and remove any and all enjoyment from the process.

The Conscious Pitch

What is a sales pitch? Each of us will have a different answer to this question, which is why it is important to begin from the ground up.

We break down a sales pitch into its simplest form, before rebuilding in a far more effective and impactful way.

The Perfect Intro

They say first impressions are everything.

How will we show up?

How will we frame the discussion?

How will we we set the stage for a win/win situation?

The Perfect Consultation

Your consultation is meaningful - if you don't do it well you set yourself up for failure in many different ways.

When we master this part, and realise the joy to be had here,


The Perfect Close

Knowing how to close is often the difference between success and failure in sales.

Knowing how to close consciously, in line with the previous lessons, is often the path to great success and joy.

Foundation+ Study Program

begins Wednesday 12th June 2024

Bonus Tools

We have over €3,000 worth of bonuses for you!

Bonus 1


Energetic Clearing Videos, from Dr. Björn Lenz

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique, Dr Björn will guide us through a process of letting go of any resistence we may have, dissolving the barriers between us and our joyous success. There is one Energetic Clearing Video for each of the modules above.

(€450 value)

Bonus 2

Build Your Own Funnel

This video masterclass teaches you how to build your own marketing funnel in under 3 hours .

This is the precurser to In Flow Sales, as it teaches you how to create your online presence and convert people into sales leads.

(€600 value)

Bonus 3

Getting the Job of Your Dreams

This video masterclass teaches you how to pass any job interview with flying colours.

Get that job you have been dreaming of for years.

(€250 value)

Bonus 4


The Conscious Pitch Checklist

This is my structure for the perfect conscious pitch. Using this structure I have millions of Euros in sales over the recent years, seeing countless clients turn into friends in the process.

(€100 value)

Bonus 5


Objection Handling

The majority of people I have trained in sales are terrified of receiving an objection. There are many reasons for this, the primary one being a mis-understanding of what an objection really is. Once understood, we realise that objections are incredibly useful and valuable for us.

(€1000 value)

Bonus 6


The In Flow Rebuttal Book

Within the pages of this eBook are the most common objections you may receive in a sales conversation, and ways to deal with them. Objections are not your enemy, using this tool you learn how to make them your friend.

(€300 value)

Bonus 7

Resymbolising Exercise

Words hold great power over us, and when we consider that what a word means to you may not be exactly what it means to me, we see there may be a problem. This exercise dissolves the stories which determine what words mean to us, a useful tool when rewiring our understanding of anything.

(€150 value)

Bonus 8

One on one call with In Flow Sales Trainer

30-minute one-on-one call with an In Flow Sales Trainer, a professional transformational coach and expert in In Flow Sales. You can explore any aspect of the program during this call, it is your space to explore what you feel is most important for you.

(€125 value)


About your Host

My name is Nick Bell, known as Esu Nick, and in short I am a entrepreneur, sales master & Coach.

At the age of 18 I began a journey into sales, which involved selling all manner of things in all manner of ways.

My journey led me into the City of London, where I was working for a global IT firm, supporting their largest clients through multi-million pound relationships.

A personal journey of self discovery began to unfold in 2015, which has led me to discover myself in a way beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

This change in my personal life was reflected in my career, as I went from working for a big company in the city, to setting up my own sales agency, providing outsourced sales solutions for coaches and teachers.

My first client was a well known personal development coach. We began in January 2016 with a big vision and a thriving sales team consisting of me, myself and I. Within 9 months we made over €1.6M in sales and I built a team of 14 sales people based all around Europe, managed and trained remotely by me.

Since then I've focused my time on working one-on-one with business owners to support them from a strategic level, empowering them to create conscious sales cultures in their teams.

The creation of this course is my way of sharing what I know on a larger scale. I realise the potential this has to empower a person in reaching their dreams, and feel as though only working with private clients limits how many people I can support. Thank you for being here, I wish you well.

"It is not that . . .

. . . you cannot sell or that you cannot get any better at selling.

It is that . . .

. . . your perception of what sales is limits you,

because you have no desire to be 'that person'.

While this perception remains, all the new skills in the world

will make very little difference.

While this perception remains, you are destined to

experience limited sales success.

Is today the day you choose to let go of all limitations?

Is today the day you choose to realise your potential?

Is today the day you choose success?"


Study Program

begins Wednesday 12th June 2024